Tuesday, January 9, 2018


I know I know, we have not seen each other for a while. Sorry, but the study, the parties and the panettone kept me away from you.
Finally I came back to talk to you about ECO, ecobeauty to be exact. Parties in the family, with friends, New Year's Eve and various evenings, you will certainly have "forced" to show off your best looks and Clio will have been your faithful companion of life in recent times. Obviously for me it was the same and I must confess that, after months and months on books, between university and library, a bit 'of healthy female vanity was what we wanted.
Just before Christmas I made an order of 100% vegan cosmetics online , of a brand that I love, Neve Cosmetics . It is the fault of Clio, she is always the cause of our "evils". His review on Mascara Occhioni, precisely.

It is since then that I wanted to talk to you, better late than never. At that time there was the 99cent expedition, how could I let it go? Obviously I let myself get carried away, I went on the site with only one lens and I found myself with a moisturizer, an eye primer and the much desired mascara . The products that left me more satisfied were just the last two.
I had already talked about this brand in the past, in the post about the Pastel pencil you find here . Economic, 100% vegan and claims to be 100% cruelty free, although unfortunately it is not yet officially CERTIFIED as such, which leaves a bit 'perplexed. 
The Occhioni mascara 
Premise: I have long, thin and soft eyelashes. I must state this because it is obvious that depending on the type of eyelashes that each of you has, any type of mascara can have completely different effects. I was really satisfied with it. The brush is certainly 10elode, it seems a bit 'dry, as also says Clio, but it is only appearance. Eyes, in name and in fact, lengthens, thickens and is really light (I wear contact lenses, so this feature is fundamental for me). Unfortunately, despite all these qualities, I still do not think it at the level of my favorite mascara, LancĂ´me's Hypnose (tested on animals, do not buy it!), But as long as this brand does not stop these uncivil and useless practices, you can very well "Please" of Occhioni, with significant savings (costs only € 12.50). You will find it exclusively online on the official website Neve Cosmetics , and I challenge anyone of you to come out with only the mascara in the basket!

Dew for Makeup
Here is a handyman product! Yes, yes, I swear, and the product description also tells you. Just € 7.90 and a click of a click to have an eye base and a mixing to create personalized eye shadows, eyeliner and mascara. So far I have only tested it as a primer before the eyeshadow. I had never used a product of this type, and now I could not do without it. Just a small drop for both eyes, wait a few moments to dry and then you can spread the eyeshadow (always remember not to overdo it, the effectiveness of the primer depends on the right amount of eyeshadow).

Be aware that on the Neve Cosmetics website, at the moment, the shipment is free at a cost of over € 69. In addition, a personal advice I give you, is to gather together with your dearest friends, put you in front of the PC and unleash with purchases, Neve Cosmetics is also well known for its line of "mineral makeup", nothing better than to pass an afternoon with friends doing online shopping .
What about if not ... ready, leaving, go!
Good shopping girls.

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